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WARNING: The following contains spoilers from the premiere episode of HBO’s Vinyl.

Sunday’s Martin Scorsese-directed premiere of HBO’s music biz drama Vinyl introduced a host of colorful fictional folk, from Bobby Cannavale’s record company founder Richie Finestra, to Juno Temple’s ambitious assistant Jamie Vine, to Ray Romano’s party-happy label executive Zak Yankovich. But few characters were as memorable — and none wound up as dead — as comedian Andrew Dice Clay’s cocaine-crazed radio station mogul Frank “Buck” Rogers, whose demise seems destined to haunt Cannavale’s Finestra for some time to come.

Below, Clay talks about his appearance on the show, whether we will ever see his character again, and his favorite vinyl record.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you know right from the start that your character was going to die in the premiere episode?

ANDREW DICE CLAY: Yes. I wouldn’t have cared if Marty had called me to do two lines, you know? [Laughs] Working with him is what I love.

Could you talk about filming your death?

Well, obviously, it wasn’t my head! [Laughs] But I couldn’t watch it. When they did that part, I wouldn’t watch. I did some of the stunt work because I wanted the fighting to keep very real. I had to go over a couch, and it was marble floors, and when you’re on a set everybody panics. I’m like, “I’ll be okay with this!” — and the next thing you know, they’ve got ice packs on my arm for the next two days. Marty was so cool, he hired a masseuse for me as a gift! You know, all day long, whenever I wanted to be massaged — I’m telling you, he’s just a great guy.

Characters who die on TV shows do have a habit of turning up later, in some form. Will we be seeing you again on Vinyl, at all?

Um, I don’t know. Certain things I won’t say! I don’t need anybody getting mad at me!

What’s your favorite vinyl record?

Probably Blind Faith. You know that album?

Sure. Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.

Yeah, yeah. Blind Faith.

Any particular reason?

Ginger Baker. Unreal. Unreal. I started out as a drummer, so my sister Natalie turned me on to them when I was about 15, and I would try to play the drums like Baker. Which was impossible for me, because I was good but I wasn’t Ginger Baker. And his solo in “Do What You Like” Is just so musical, and dramatic, and builds to such a crescendo. I would always study that album for just the drums.

You can see Blind Faith performing “Do What You LIke” below. Vinyl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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