By Dalton Ross
Updated February 12, 2016 at 12:45 PM EST
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Lauren Cohan broke news this week via an EW-moderated Q&A at the SoHo Apple Store in New York City that she would be guest-starring in two upcoming episodes of The Mindy Project. But she’s not the only Walking Dead star that will be appearing on the show.

Ross Marquand (who plays Aaron on The Walking Dead) will also be showing up on The Mindy Project when season 4 of the comedy returns on Hulu. How do we know this? Because star Mindy Kaling Instagrammed the following photo.

While everyone is mum on the part Marquand will be playing, that certainly looks like some sort of wedding attire to us, so make of that what you will. Regardless, master impressionist Marquand was excited to once again showcase his comedic chops. “I’ve been a fan of Mindy and Ike [Barinholtz] for a long time, and just that whole show,” says Marquand. “I was a bit nervous to get back in the comedy scene because it had been a while for me. And when I got there they were so welcoming and said, ‘We are huge fans of The Walking Dead and we were on Talking Dead a few times ourselves so we can’t wait to see what the new season brings.”

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Does that mean they were hitting Marquand up for Walking Dead spoilers? “Oh, of course,” he laughs. “But I don’t play that game.”

But those aren’t the only comedy stylings you’ll be able to enjoy from Marquand in the near future. He’ll also be guest-starring on another Hulu comedy, Deadbeat. The actor will show up at some point in season 3 as Hugh Janus, a character that is described as “a mysterious man who attends art auctions only to bid enough that he loses at the last second. As the episode progresses you learn more about his career.”

“He is very much an art connoisseur who has his own plan on how to drive up auction prices for his own benefit,” says Marquand. “Co-creator Cody Heller is a dear friend of mine and I wanted to work with her for many years on that show because I love it. And it just worked out with scheduling and she had a part that I loved. It was a great project to work on because Tyler Labine and Kal Penn are two of the funniest guys. Working with them was incredible.”

No word yet on when The Mindy Project or Deadbeat will be returning to Hulu, but when they do, keep your eyes peeled for a double dose of Marquand.


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