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Is the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory about Howard learning that Bernadette is pregnant? — Jayla

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that long for Howard to discover the joyous news, but the 200th does feature a momentous occasion that we’ve never seen on the show before: Sheldon actually allows the gang to celebrate his birthday! (Check out a sneak peek here.) In other news, after the 200th, Sheldon may not be the only guy on the show who can brag about making out with Leonard’s mom!

I will take anything The Walking Dead. Please, pretty please. — Hartley

Here’s a fair warning: The nail-biting tension you felt watching the first four minutes of the episode continues all the way through. There are at least two literal explosive moments, with a third gasp-inducing sequence that will probably leave you reeling and wondering how Rick can possibly stay sane. Fortunately, Daryl comes up big when you least expect it.

What can you tease for the return of Blindspot? — Kendra

As tensions rise in the wake of the FBI being compromised, Chief Inspector Fischer (John Hodgman) leads an investigation to find the mole on Agent Weller’s team. “He’s going to play an OPR Agent — the Office of Professional Conduct,” EP Martin Gero tells me. “Basically he feels like maybe Mayfair is not running the New York Office of the FBI in the right way and certainly has some huge questions about how liable Patterson is in David’s death. He likes to root out bad things, so he’ll be in the mole hunt episode for sure.” As an added bonus, here’s a first look at his debut:

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Will Killer Frost help Team Flash take down Zoom? — Damon

Since we know the team will seek help from an unexpected place — and the promo revealed the icy villainess to be with them on their mission to save Barry — I would say chances are good, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be very helpful. “If Zoom kills your partner, would you really be that quick to defy him?” Danielle Panabaker says. “I’m not sure that she’s going to be their best source of assistance. It’s tough for her. It’s Zoom and Zoom’s scary to everyone, even if you’re a villain and working for him. Clearly he doesn’t have any qualms about killing anyone who angers him, which makes him even scarier. For Killer Frost, it continues to terrify her. Zoom is no one to be messed with.”

Happy for the Quintis shippers, but does this mean we’ll now have to wait until season 6 of Scorpion for Waige to happen?! — whattowatch100

Actually, Happy and Toby getting together may help push Walter and Paige in the right direction. “I think it puts a lot of pressure on [Walter],” Eddie Kaye Thomas tells me. “I imagine it’s like an awkward double date where one couple can’t stop making out and they’re all over each other, and the other couple likes each other, but no one has made the first move yet. It creates awkwardness and brings up what obviously should be happening. I don’t think it’s just the audience at home watching it, everybody working at Scorpion sees how into each other they are. It’ll turn up the heat under Walter a little bit.”

Damon killed Elena?! What is happening on The Vampire Diaries?! — Christy

Damon does not handle Elena’s apparent death very well, causing him to lash out in ways that are familiar to fans of Dark Damon. But his lack of restraint leads to him making a terrible, if not temporary alliance.

Is there anything you know about the second season of Jessica Jones? — Stacy

It’s a bit early for specifics, but the subject of Jessica’s heavy drinking isn’t high on the priority list at the moment. “I think it is a problem for her currently,” EP Melissa Rosenberg says. “It is certainly an element in her life. It’s one of her issues. I don’t know if I’m interested in taking on alcoholism, but then again, you don’t know.”

How skeptical should I be of Elliott on Pretty Little Liars? — Kylie

Well, this is PLL, so you should always be skeptical of everyone. But as far as Huw Collins is concerned, Ali’s future husband is a good guy. More importantly, when asked if Elliott golfs, Collins responded no. Apparently he’s a bit too busy with work for golf, so there’s no way that missing golf club (and alleged murder weapon) could belong to him. Right?

Do you have any news on Gotham‘s return? — Tino

The midseason premiere picks up about a month after Galavan’s death, with Gordon coming under fire for his role in that night — and he’ll really feel the heat when Penguin lands behind bars. With Cobblepot otherwise indisposed, we see a new alliance when it comes to the leadership in the underbelly of Gotham. Also, we’ll find out what happens when someone is, ahem, unfrozen by Mr. Freeze. (Pro tip: Don’t eat while watching.)

Will we see more of “Mother” Norma in season 4 of Bates Motel? — Dan

Oh yes, and Vera Farmiga is excited to see more of the Norma that Norman imagines when he blacks out. “We’re really just starting to explore that,” she says. “This is an introduction to a new character that I’m taking on. She is a playground. I think Norma Bates is always rooted in striving for integrity, and I think [Mother Norma] is a little more devilish.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: The Once Upon a Time reunion I’ve been waiting for!

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