'Big Bud Li'l Bud' is our new favorite show
Credit: Netflix

The day before Aziz Ansari announced that his Netflix series Master of None has been renewed for a second season, his costar, Eric Wareheim, posted “Big Bud, Li’l Bud,” a parody which imagines the Golden Globe-nominated series as a CBS sitcom from the ’90s.

The deliberately corny video oozes with ’90s network TV feel right from the intro, which shows Ansari and Wareheim giddily playing in the park and periodically hugging. The four-minute clip also boasts Wareheim’s signature brand of surrealist comedy, as he and Ansari eat a mountain of bananas, find out that their father is actually a puppy (yes, Ansari’s line reading of “puppy” is very Tom Haverford), and reveal themselves to both be robots. Wareheim jokes in the caption that the video is “an unaired CBS pilot” and “was the original inspiration for Master of None.”

Master of None will return to Netflix with new episodes in 2017.

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