By Christian Holub
Updated February 12, 2016 at 02:35 PM EST
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Mad Men was a critically acclaimed prestige drama, often referred to as one of the best TV shows of the modern era, stacked with a great cast and full of ruminations on history and character growth. But according to Alison Brie’s Thursday interview with Seth Meyers, the hardest part of working on it may have been the vintage period clothes. Brie said it took her awhile to get used to the different layers of ’60s clothing (skirts, girdles, and so on), which proved to be a problem when she really had to pee before filming one day.

“You’re really working blind,” Brie said. “You’re lifting up the skirts, and the girdles are made so you can sort of pull it to the side and use the bathroom. They thought of everything! Except that I had a pair of underwear underneath, and I just start peeing, and I can’t hear the pee hitting the toilet, so I realized I missed my underwear, they didn’t quite make it out of the way. I just got soaked. Someone outside was like, ‘We have to go!’ So I went to set and shot a full scene.”

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Meyers naturally asked if anyone noticed, and Brie said that she was approached by costume designer Janie Bryant after the scene.

“She came in and she was like, ‘Do you hate your costume? You look so uncomfortable,'” Brie said. “I was like, there’s pee, I peed everywhere! And she said, ‘It happens more often than you think.’ “

So have fun scouring for that scene in question on your eventual Mad Men rewatch.

Watch the clip below.

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