Genesis drummer says the singer disappeared 'like a ghost.'
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

When Adele was in the early stages of working on her recent blockbuster album, 25, she reached out to Genesis singer-drummer and solo superstar Phil Collins to see if he would be interested in a writing collaboration.

“She got in touch with me and I met her in London,” says Collins. “She gave me a piece of music that she wanted me to finish — and it was great!”

So why didn’t the collaboration progress any further? “Basically, I couldn’t find her,” says Collins. “She was like a ghost, you know. I’ve read that she said that it was too early, she made a mistake, she got frightened, she wasn’t ready to make another album yet, and so she kind of disappeared. She summed it up best, which is great that she did, because I [was worried] people would think that I failed the audition! It didn’t go anywhere but I was very flattered to be asked.”

Phil Collins is rereleasing all eight of his solo studio albums this year in remastered and expanded two-disc form. Face Value and Both Sides were reissued in January while Hello, I Must Be Going! and Dance Into The Light will be available to buy, Feb. 26.

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