Credit: Nine News Sydney

Batkid saved America back in 2013, and now Australia has an inspiring super kid of their own: Iron Boy. Nine-year-old Domenic, a Sydney native living with cystic fibrosis, was called into action by the Make-A-Wish Foundation on Thursday to suit up and battle the evil Ultron.

The day began with Domenic receiving a call from the New South Wales Police Force about a damsel in distress, and from there he was off.

Tranformed into Iron Boy, Domenic was flown by helicopter to police headquarters and given the location of the kidnapped reporter, Hope Joy, on a nearby island. He quickly hopped into a boat waiting for him along with his 12-year-old brother, who was dubbed Captain Rhodes (a.k.a. War Machine), battled a few of Ultron’s henchman, and rescued Joy, who was tied to a tree.

Although Iron Boy managed to save Hope Joy, Ultron was still at large. Domenic then made his way to the Sydney Opera House, where fans following his saga were already waiting to watch his battle with his robotic nemesis. After defeating Ultron, Domenic was given a medal of gallantry from the NSW Police.

Iron Boy’s heroic story certainly caught the attention of many Sydney natives, and soon it spread even further. Actors like Liam Hemsworth and Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., tweeted their support for Domenic.

And Downey Jr. didn’t stop there — he recorded a video to Domenic in which he officially dubbed him an ‘honorary Avenger.’

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