By Christian Holub
February 11, 2016 at 02:57 PM EST

One of humankind’s greatest fears about a science-fiction dystopia seems to be losing the ability to fall in love. Just like the clones of Never Let Me Go or the emotionless preteens of The Giver, the characters of Drake Doremus’ upcoming film Equals are forbidden from feeling emotion. That doesn’t stop Silas (Nicholas Hoult) from falling for Nia (Kristen Stewart), who stands out to him even in their monotone, white-clad, sterile society.

The new trailer for Equals features Silas and Nia forming a connection, silently and impressionistically, against all the rules of their society. There are few words exchanged, just the smooth sound of Chromatics’ “Kill for Love.”

Equals is set for release sometime this summer.