By Joe McGovern
Updated February 11, 2016 at 08:11 PM EST
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British actor Ed Skrein, best known for a short stint as Daario on Game of Thrones and as the heir to Statham in last year’s rebooted Transporter, is about to break big for a whole new audience. In Deadpool, Skrein appears as the movie’s primary villain, a deranged laboratory assistant named Francis (he prefers to be known as Ajax) who ruins the life ­— and creamy complexion — of our anti-hero Wade Wilson.

Skrein, 32, stopped by EW to talk about his initial Skype conversation with director Tim Miller in December of 2014. He describes his simultaneous exhilaration at being cast and mild disappointment when Miller told him not to expect any tailor fittings for a supervillain costume.

But there was a silver lining, if not a silver bodysuit. “I had my face out for the whole movie,” Skrein says. “I could convey that for the fight scenes. Real human emotion is always interesting.”

Miller explained to EW that he lucked out with the casting of Skrein. “He did a really killer job,” the director says. “I really didn’t want this mustache-twirling villain and Ed understood that completely. Ajax is kind of a d— but he’s got a sense of humor and it comes across that way, thanks to Ed.”

Off camera, Skrein professed his wish to see Miller direct a sequel to Deadpool, which 20th Century Fox made for the relatively bargain price of $58 million: “If Tim had would’ve had, let’s say, $100 million for this film, he would have found even more creative solutions for how to use the money.” Skrein describes a chunk of the opening action scene that was jettisoned because of costs — involving Deadpool and Ajax fighting in a modular home that’s being driven on the freeway overpass and falls off with the men inside. “We had to take that out because of the money, but that’s what I’m saying: You can give Tim a hundred mil and he won’t waste it. It’ll go straight into more creativity.”


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