By Natalie Abrams
February 11, 2016 at 06:13 PM EST
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Read at your own risk!

The Big Bang Theory has a baby on the way for Bernadette!

During the Valentine’s Day-themed episode, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard (Simon Helberg) discover a young rabbit in their spa, whom they’re able to bring back to life. But after Howard gets bitten, their night is cut short so he can go to the emergency room to check for rabies. “We’ll find another time to tell him I’m pregnant,” Bernadette says to the rabbit.

The move to having children seems like a natural progression for The Big Bang Theory‘s first couple to be married, especially since the comedy is in its ninth season — for what its worth, another long-running comedy Friends saw Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) get pregnant in its eighth season.

The Big Bang Theory even painted Howard and Bernadette as parental figures this year when the duo shacked up with Stuart (Kevin Sussman) after the death of Howard’s mother last season. At the start of season 9, EW asked executive producer Steve Molaro whether that surrogate relationship could cause them to rethink having children — Bernadette was previously vehemently against it until becoming slightly more lax earlier this season. “Not yet, but talking to you about it, it sounds great,” Molaro said at the time. “I want to go write it.”

The question remains how Howard will react to the news that he will soon be a father given his own tumultuous relationship with his estranged dad. “There’s always a chance of that,” Molaro said of the show introducing Howard’s father this season. “It’s something that we do talk about. When the time is right, I would love to pursue it.”

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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