But Wonder Woman may once again steal the show

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follows up Superman’s origin story from Man of Steel, it’s also the debut of a few other major DC heroes to this cinematic universe. And the final trailer for the upcoming epic sees the Dark Knight rise again and gives more context to Wonder Woman’s role in the titular showdown.

The final trailer for next month’s Dawn of Justice practically makes Superman a background character to Bruce Wayne’s story, showcasing Batman in action against scores of troublemakers. And though he feels he’s getting slower in his old age, Batman still has one major threat to tackle — Superman.

Kal-El may be a god in comparison to Batman’s gladiator, as Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) compares them, but Batman, thanks to a few tech upgrades, proves he’s got a shot in this fight. Less of an emphasis is put on the Doomsday battle revealed in the last full trailer, which also aimed to established a more balanced look at both sides of the superhero battle. Instead, the new trailer works to establish Batman as his own independent crime fighting force, while also providing a deeper look at his existential struggle against Superman.

There’s another wild card in the fight, though, as the trailer showcases more of Wonder Woman, both as Dianna Prince as well as the Amazonian princess. She is seen dancing with Bruce Wayne, a scene first hinted at exclusively in EW’s 2015 cover reveal of the film, as well as jumping into the fray of one of the film’s biggest battles. The Doomsday trailer showed Wonder Woman stepping in to save Batman from a cataclysmic blast, but here she follows up that assist by literally leaping into the fight.

Watch the full final trailer above, and for more on the film, listen to Batman’s new theme music, and check out the new IMAX poster below. Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25.

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