'The game is power,' the actress says
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It’s hard to trust people in the world of The 100. Alliances are always shifting, and living in brutal environments can result in terribly rash decisions (looking at you, Finn). Furthermore, the constant introduction of new players makes loyalty especially difficult to sustain. Last week, in “Ye Who Enter Here,” a big player was introduced: the Ice Nation’s leader. And she’s bound to shake up alliances even more.

Here, Queen Nia herself — Brenda Strong — explains a little bit more about the chilly character, her true intentions, and the explosive tension that her presence at Polis will cause.

“Queen Nia is… complex,” Strong says with a laugh. “She’s really ambitious and pretty ruthless and very, very loyal.” But that loyalty really only extends to her own people. “She will use whatever means necessary to get what she thinks is best for her people,” Strong says. “The game is power.”

And, unfortunately, what’s best for Ice Nation might not be best for her son, Roan — which is bound to make their relationship strained… at best. Strong says that Nia wants her son to learn how to be the leader of their clan, to be the “rightful heir to the throne,” but those lessons don’t come easy. “I think she loves him, but often times what is best for a nation is not what’s best for an individual.”

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No one knows this better than Lexa. Although the two tribes have been in coalition since the Ice Nation killed Lexa’s first love, Costia, relations have been strained. “It sure pissed Lexa off,” Strong says of the key event in the Commander’s past. “Let’s put it that way,” she adds with a laugh.

And even with that in their history, Lexa is still fighting for everyone to try to move forward together. “Lexa is trying to create a coalition that is a unity of these tribes,” Strong says. “You’ll see in the next episode [“Watch the Throne”] that Nia doesn’t have a lot of respect for that and wants to gain power herself and turn the coalition against Lexa.”

But with Nia’s eye on Clarke, Lexa’s new ally — and second love — the Ice Queen better watch her own back.

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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