By Samantha Highfill
February 10, 2016 at 05:03 PM EST
  • Movie

When The Purge: Election Year picks up, it’s been two years since we last saw Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) help save the lives of a number of individuals on purge night. This time around, he’s only responsible for the life of one other person, but that person happens to be a U.S. senator (played by Elizabeth Mitchell).

“It’s very politically charged,” Grillo told EW of the third film in the Purge franchise. “It’s basically my character and then a senator who has kind of uncovered what the purge really is.” Translation: She wants to end the purge, which for first-time viewers, is a 12-hour period of time in which all crime is legal, including murder. 

So when a person in power speaks out against it, naturally, she becomes a central target on purge night. “They’re trying to assassinate her, and she and I go on this adventure together,” Grillo said. 

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In the first trailer for the new film from writer/director James DeMonaco, we get a glimpse of that adventure, complete with horrifying masks, the dark streets of Washington D.C., and a sacrificial ceremony.

The Purge: Election Year hits theaters on July 1.

  • Movie
  • R
release date
  • 07/01/16
  • 105 minutes
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