How do Grammy voters choose the winners? Four industry powerhouses go undercover and share their unfiltered, expert opinions on this year's nominees.

By Madison Vain
Updated February 10, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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EW’s four Grammy insiders include one songwriter, a Grammy nominee who’s written some of the decade’s biggest radio and dance-floor hits; an artist, an R&B singer who’s had multiple Grammy nominations; a producer, a Nashville whiz who’s helmed some of the best recent country records;and another musician, a multiple nominee who had one of 2015’s most critically beloved albums. Ahead of Monday’s award show, they cast their secret ballots.

Album Of The Year

The Songwriter: I love Sam Hunt—he’s super fresh—but I think it’s going to Chris Stapleton. He’s an amazing vocalist and musician.

The Artist: Sam Hunt. He’s the only person I’ve heard—does he play the guitar? I can’t really comment on country because I don’t listen to those things.

The Producer: Chris Stapleton. For all the reasons as before.

​The Artist: I want another write-in for Jason Isbell. I think Jason is saying things that are very insightful, and they come out very poetically. Country music is missing things that are actually personal, not things that just sound personal.