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Ryan Reynolds is ready to have another girl. And another. And another. And another…

The Deadpool star is on the cover of this week’s issue of PEOPLE as the Sexiest Dad Alive, and speaking to PEOPLE and EW editorial director Jess Cagle during an interview on SiriusXM EW Radio, Reynolds said he’d love to have “nine daughters” if he could.

“I can’t get enough of that. If I could have nine daughters, I would be thrilled,” Reynolds said on Wednesday. During his interview with PEOPLE, Reynolds joked he “loved being surrounded by estrogen.”

“My brothers and I, there’s four of us, we would destroy the house,” he explained on EW Radio. “I was 8 and I could patch and drywall at 8. We could actually repair an entire hole in the wall in our house within 15 minutes.”

Reynolds added, “That’s part of the reason I don’t want boys, I don’t want a wiffle house.”

Reynolds and Blake Lively had their daughter, James, in December of 2014. “I wonder if we’ll have a boy one day, I wonder how that will go,” Reynolds said. “A little mini-Deadpool.”

The SiriusXM EW Radio interview between Jess Cagle and Ryan Reynolds will debut on Friday at 2 p.m. ET with airings all throughout the weekend. Deadpool is out Friday.

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