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This is what I like to call the question episode.


Abby is back. Having her back breaks up the monotony of hearing the moms argue. Instead of attacking each other, they begin to attack her. However, instead of it going in circles, Abby shuts it down by either blowing them off, putting them in their place, or talking nonsense (which is my personal favorite because it leaves the moms confused and speechless). Having her back raises a few questions: How could she be on the show right now? What is the current status of her legal drama? Did she resign last week or not (if yes, I would love a job where I could resign for a week and then work for a week)?

The Minis

Now that Abby is back, she needs to make a decision on whether or not she keeps the minis. She is going to have them compete and based on how they do, she will make her decision. She also adds a 5th mini this week, Kendyl (not to be confused with Kendall). For some reason her mom brings her late to her first day of rehearsal, which sends Abby into a tirade. In the end, they win their competition, even though they weren’t that good. That leads to more questions: Will Abby keep the minis? Are they good enough or are they just cute? Why would you ever introduce a new character that has the same name as one of the other main characters?

The Moms

This week was the sparring of all sparring between Jill and Ashlee (complete with F-bombs). Jill said “F— you” to Ashlee, and Ashlee said, “Don’t say ‘f— you’ to me,” which prompted Jill to say it again. Then Jill calls Ashlee a “fat ass” (on national TV), Ashlee retorts wit “You’re old!” (lame comeback), which then causes Jill to call her a “fat ass” again. This prompts Ashlee to get up and walk away, thus allowing Jill to prove her point, by pointing to Ashlee’s ass, as the camera zooms in. Yikes! Having been called names myself, and knowing how embarrassing it is, this was the only time this season I felt bad for Ashlee. Later, we see Ashlee in tears, pleading with Jess and Holly (who are the most rational of the group) to give her and her daughter the same respect as the other moms and daughters have. The new mini mom, Lynn, and Melissa go at it. Lynn is not going to “compromise who she is” and is going to “change the way things are done.” She blows Melissa off by refusing to listen to her advice. This is a big no-no in Dance Moms land. As one of the mini moms point out, “Are you actually going to question the godfather of the group?” Which leads me to my next set of questions: If I was there would I care that Melissa was the “godfather of the group” or would I do what feels right to me? Will the camaraderie with the original moms continue or are they just bonding to protect their turf? Should Jill apologize for calling Ashlee a fat-ass, even though Ashlee is really annoying?

My Daughter Maya

The bad news is, at the beginning of the episode, my daughter Maya called Ashlee a “bee-yotch” and by the end of the episode, she moved on to calling her a flat-out “b—h.” She’s 8 and this is the first time I have ever heard her say this word. Unfortunately it was while watching Dance Moms, a show that millions of little girls watch. At first, I wanted to blame Jill and Ashlee for their cursing tirade, but then I realized it’s actually my fault for letting her watch this show. This leads me to my final set of questions: Should I not allow my daughters to watch this show anymore, just like my mom stopped allowing me to watch Three’s Company? Should I continue to let them because in the end, the girls are all seemingly good girls, who support each other? Will this make her appreciate me more? As usual, I have to find out, by watching again next week.

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