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Thunderbirds Are Go (Amazon Series)

The Thunderbirds are a go once again, this time at Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has announced a new original children’s series, Thunderbirds Are Go, a new take on the decades-old Thunderbirds franchise. Amazon has ordered four seasons of the show, which will feature Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope, who was voiced by Sylvia Anderson in the original series and portrayed by Sophia Myles in the 2004 live-action film. The first season will debut in the U.S. on Amazon Prime for Prime subscribers later this year.

The series will focus on the five Tracy brothers, pilots of their Thunderbird vehicles who venture out on daring rescue missions around the world. This new take blends CGI animation with live-action model sets (the original British TV series was a puppet series). ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures will produce the series along with Weta Workshop. The original Thunderbirds series debuted in 1965, and a film also titled Thunderbirds Are Go was released in 1966. Most recently, a live-action film hit theaters in 2004.

The series originally debuted on ITV and CITV in 2015, though new episodes are still being produced, and Amazon will be bringing the series first to the United States. Take a look at the series from its original reveal below.

Thunderbirds Are Go (Amazon Series)
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