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We Are The Flash

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of The Flash. Read at your own risk!

Team Flash’s trip to Earth-2 definitely did not go as planned during Tuesday’s episode of The Flash, an Easter egg-filled hour sure to keep fans of the comics and the larger DC world salivating for more.

During the episode, Barry (Grant Gustin) takes his doppelgänger’s place in order to infiltrate the Central City Police Department and work with Detective West… only Earth-2’s Detective West is Iris (Candice Patton), not Joe (Jesse L. Martin). The bigger surprise is that Barry and Iris are actually married, though their moment of bliss is quickly interrupted by the arrival of Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) and Deathstorm (Robbie Amell), who seek to murder the recent breachers, a.k.a Team Flash.

Ultimately, Zoom gets his hands on Barry after a showdown with the duo and their very familiar boss. Read on to get scoop on the most shocking moments of the crossover from executive producers Todd and Aaron Helbing:

1. Zoom has captured Barry!

After Barry lost the element of surprise on Earth-2, Zoom was able to capture him and put him in a jail cell alongside Harry’s (Tom Cavanagh) daughter Jesse Quick (Violett Beane). “He hasn’t taken his speed,” Todd says. “Obviously that is his big plan to take his speed, so now that he has him, he has 50 percent of what he needs.” Adds Aaron: “He doesn’t have all the ingredients, per se. We established earlier in the season that he needed other aspects or other people to help that process.” Though Barry and Jesse aren’t the only ones incarcerated by Zoom — “The man in the mask, he’s there for a reason,” Todd says — their time together will shed more light on Harry’s daughter. “This is really the first time that they meet, so they’re in Zoom’s lair, and you’ll see in the next episode how this relationship starts and forms and where it leads them to,” Todd says.

2. Cisco is evil!

We all knew Caitlin and Ronnie’s doppelgängers would be Killer Frost and Deathstorm on Earth-2, but the real shock came upon meeting Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) mirror image, otherwise known as Reverb, an Earth-2 villain with powers far exceeding Cisco’s. E2 Cisco even offered to show E1 Cisco the ropes of his powers, being kings among men in their universe, but sadly Evil Cisco met a grim fate. (More on that later.) But that won’t stop Cisco from now dabbling with his potential. “Once Cisco saw the magnitude of the power that he’s capable of, anything is possible now in his mind,” Aaron says. “We may explore that.” That also might not be the last we’ve seen of Evil Cisco and Ronnie. “It’s The Flash, so they may show up again in some form or another, but for the purpose of where we want to take Cisco, having him die there was the best way to get what we want out of his character,” Todd says. “These experiences and Cisco and Barry meeting these doppelgängers, a lot of that information they now have, so they’re able to bring that back if they get back [to Earth-1].”

3. Leonard Snart is not a villain!

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) is not the evil cad we know from Earth-1, but rather the Mayor of Central City — which is only slightly a bummer for comic book fans (like me) expecting his other alter ego, the hero Citizen Cold. “It was unexpected,” Aaron says on using the mayoral title over Citizen Cold. Sadly, we won’t see Mayor Snart in next week’s episode. “I think he’s a little busy,” Aaron says, a nod to Miller’s starring role on Legends of Tomorrow.

4. Earth-2 Barry will rise to the occasion!

Though we only saw his doppelgänger for a brief moment in the opening — he’s a huge fan of Harrison Wells and is also a bit of a spaz — E2 Barry will play a big role in next week’s outing. “You will, in the next episode, see a lot more of Earth-2 Barry, and he’s quite a bit different than Earth-1 Barry,” Todd says. “From Joe’s point of view, he’s pretty selfish, and that plays into what happens to him in the next episode… He’s very entertaining. It was an interesting juggle between this very dire circumstance and there’s this very funny Earth-2 Barry.” This Barry will even play a pivotal role in saving his Earth-1 doppelgänger. “You meet him in one stop at the beginning of the episode, and then he has his own arc and journey throughout this episode to become something bigger than he is,” Todd adds. “Ultimately, yes, I would call him a hero.”

5. Supergirl appeared!

While Barry ran Cisco and Harry through the speed cannon to Earth-2, we got glimpses of other DC characters throughout the decades, including someone who appeared to be Green Arrow — though wouldn’t it be cool if it was Connor Hawke? — as well as John Wesley Shipp’s version of The Flash and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. Maybe we should count this as Supergirl’s half of a crossover since the Scarlet Speedster will soon be teaming up with the Maiden of Might on her CBS show.

6. Joe died, but at least he could sing!

As we previously teased, Earth-2’s version of Joe, who was not a fan of Barry, had some musical chops singing jazz at the nightclub version of Jitters called Jitterbugs. “Our cast, they’re all extremely talented,” Todd says. “Jesse felt the most organic. With the doppelgänger aspect, that just felt the best way to introduce that ability that he has.” Unfortunately, Joe took a blast for Deathstorm and later died.

7. Barry may be jealous of his doppelgänger!

Earth-2 Barry’s parents are still alive, and he’s married to Iris — which is basically the dream scenario for the Earth-1 version. “It affects him quite a bit,” Todd says. “The relationship with Iris, it really sits with him quite a bit, and that’s going to be on his mind quite a bit in upcoming episodes.”

8. So. Many. Doppelgängers:

There were familiar faces galore, all with a twist! Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) is actually a criminal on Earth-2, while the late Floyd Lawton (Michael Rowe) is Detective Iris West’s partner, a lousy gunsmith who earned the nickname Deadshot. “It’s just so much fun to have him not be Deadshot and make fun of it,” Aaron says. Cisco and Barry were also shocked to come across a very kind version of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Dr. Henry Hewitt (Demore Barnes) — the evil meta-human known as Tokamak on Earth-1, who also nearly became the other half of Firestorm.

9. Earth-2 Barry has some famous friends!

When Earth-1 Barry, posing as his doppelgänger, returns a call from his mother, his speed dial features a number of familiar names, including Eddie (Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Thawne), Bruce (Batman’s alter-ego), Diana (Wonder Woman’s alter-ego) and Hal (Green Lantern’s alter-ego). Sadly, Earth-2 Barry is not part of the Justice League; it was purely “just Easter eggs for fun,” Aaron says.

10. Jay is a liar!

Though Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) previously told Team Flash that Zoom robbed him of his speed, Jay revealed that he actually lost his speed in his bid to get faster by taking Velocity 6. If he’s lying about that, could he be lying about other things — like actually being Zoom? “I hope not,” Panabaker says. “The Jay character I find to be so solid, and I don’t think Team Flash could take much more betrayal.”

11. The creation of Velocity 9!

During the hour, Caitlin upgraded the serum to Velocity 8, which brings The Flash one step closer to creating the famed Velocity 9 from the comics. “It’s just an evolution for any scientist that you start with “1” and keep building after that and hopefully you improve on it,” Aaron says. Will the eventual creation of Velocity 9 have ramifications for characters like Jesse Quick and Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), both of whom are speedsters in the comics? “It’s possible,” Todd says, before Aaron adds, “It will, yes.” But Velocity 9 does have its own set of side effects. “Further down the road, you will definitely see what happens when you take Velocity 9 and how bad it can go,” Aaron says.

12. Team Flash is hero-less!

While Barry is trapped in Zoom’s super max, Team Flash must race to find a way to save him, and those back on Earth-1 have problems of their own. “On Earth-1, they still have to deal with Geomancer and the breach issue,” Todd says. “Geomancer is out there, and Flash is locked up in a cell, so they really have to find a way to deal with him now that they’re Flash-less, [and] they have to come up with a new plan. We have Cisco and Wells trying to come up with a plan in how to get Barry out of the predicament that he’s in. They seek out help from somebody that you would never expect, and they do their best to set up this rescue mission.”

13. Zoom’s identity revealed!

Just kidding, we only saw who worked for him — Earth-2 Cisco, Killer Frost, and Deathstorm. Though that’s definitely past-tense since Zoom killed Cisco and Deathstorm for harming The Flash. Fortunately, we will soon find out who the man behind the black mask is. “The next couple episodes, it starts to unravel,” Todd says. “You get to see what’s really going on.” And though Henry Allen (Shipp) was missing in action on Earth-2 — a potential key indicator that he could be Zoom — the Helbings say they don’t plan to explore his life over there. “We just felt that moment when Barry talks to his mother was very powerful,” Todd says. Aaron adds, “We chose to focus on the mom versus Henry.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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