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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode of Scorpion. Read at your own risk.

At long last, Quintis is a go!

During Monday’s episode of Scorpion, a major earthquake rocked the Southland, sending the team to different corners of the city to prevent catastrophe. But the real shocker came in the closing moments of the episode, when Walter (Elyes Gabel) came to patch things up with Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas), interrupting what appeared to be post-coital bliss with Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) — a moment that fans have been awaiting since the show’s debut.

“We felt it was time to get these two crazy kids together and explore not only what that would mean for them, but how it would affect Team Scorpion, especially Walter and Paige, who have their own unrequited feelings for each other,” executive producers Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton tell EW. “Viewers have always loved the Toby/Happy romance and we have a lot of great surprises and twists in that relationship waiting for fans of the show. Just because Toby and Happy are now together, don’t expect them to change who they are — it’s not like Happy’s going to write love sonnets.”

Below, Thomas and Wong break down the Quintis relationship and tease what’s next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How long have you been championing for them to get together?

EDDIE KAYE THOMAS: About 38 episodes. The very first pilot script that I read had a bit of a love story in it, but then once I booked the role, it got taken out. The showrunners said they didn’t want to do it right away. So I’ve been excited about it the whole time.

JADYN WONG: Whatever the writers give me, I’m just cool with that. It’s sort of like whatever they throw our way, I just play with it. It’s great. It’s something where it’s a new dynamic between the two, especially now that the whole group [will] know about it. I’m excited to see where that goes now.

Do you think it’s really going to work this time for the two of them?

THOMAS: Yeah, I think they’ve taken such a big leap forward with trying it. Them being a couple, it might be a small step for normal people, but these are two characters with such a low emotional quotient. It’s a huge thing to put themselves out there, be vulnerable and give themselves the possibility of getting hurt. I’m not saying there’s no turning back; it could definitely fall apart, but now that they’ve made this leap, they have a much better chance.

WONG: I don’t, but I play Happy, so you know. [Laughs.]

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How do you think this will change their dynamic moving forward?

THOMAS: On a lot of TV shows, once two of the main characters are coupled up, you lose a lot of conflict and lose a lot of possibilities with storyline, but with these characters being so emotionally stunted, it opens up a lot more possibilities, because they’re going to face challenges, exposing more vulnerable sides to themselves, and putting themselves out there. I think they won’t be able to use their intelligence — or for Toby, use his wit — to get through relationship difficulties.

Considering the no-fraternization rule on the team, how will Walter feel about this?

WONG: It’s that element of he’s the leader of the team, sort of our boss, and that context of it’s a work environment and him having to put his foot down in that role. But having the relationship being in front of him also stirs up the feelings that he has to deal with when it comes to Paige (Katharine McPhee).

Did you ever think Quintis would get together before Walter and Paige?

THOMAS: No, I definitely didn’t. What’s really fun with the show is watching where these characters are going and what’s happening. I feel like just as much of an audience member as I do a participant in the show, because I learn about it as we go along as well. I don’t know how planned out it is with the writers, but they also get to watch it, see it develop and see what they want to do from what they’ve already watched happen.

Happy has been trying to get out of her comfort zone. What new side do you think Toby will bring out in her? Will she be able to open up to him?

WONG: Yeah. I think it can go two ways, and that’s what I’m interested in exploring. There’s a likelihood of him opening up a softer side. With anyone in a relationship, there’s different sides that come out, so I’m interested in what’s going to come out of that. But I also think her being out of her comfort zone, it’s also going to bring up, perhaps, old defenses and patterns that come up, because the fear is overwhelming at this point as well.

Toby has already said he loves Happy, so is he all in? Or is there a part of him that’s nervous?

THOMAS: It’s definitely hard to have his dream come true, and fantasies becoming reality. It brings problems that you don’t expect. But he is all in. I think he’s going to try his hardest and do everything he can to make it work. The guy’s got a lot of demons. I think he’s very emotionally stunted. Reality is a lot harder than fantasy. It’s just so fun in the show that we bring things that I think everybody deals with and we put it on this heightened Scorpion level. We get to go through all the problems that people go through, but it’s more fun to watch us fail and recover than it is to actually experience it.

What can you tease about what’s next for them and what hurdles they may be facing as a couple?

THOMAS: We get these scripts sometimes only a day or two before we shoot them, but I would imagine there’s going to be some serious challenges coming their way. I don’t think it’s just going to be a bed of roses along the way. Even in the best-case scenario, these two people would have a pretty hilarious, funny, difficult journey of becoming a couple. I have hope for them, but I know there’s going to be challenges coming.

How will the rest of the team feel about them being together?

WONG: With Paige and Sylvester (Ari Stidham), they’re cool with it. I feel like they’re the team members who are all for this human connection and joy thing. I feel like that’s more of their M.O., if that makes sense. The issue, challenge, or the opposing person would probably be Walter.

THOMAS: And Ralph (Riley B. Smith) is loving it. I think Ralph is really going to enjoy it and be very happy about the whole thing.

Scorpion airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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