'It was a beautiful night,' says Beyoncé to CBS
Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Beyoncé is not known for giving interviews — last year, the Internet exploded after Beyoncé participated, through email, in her first print chat since 2013 — but the pop megastar did agree to look back on her Super Bowl halftime show performance for a CBS special.

“I remember growing up watching the Super Bowl with my family. It’s an event families come together and watch,” Beyoncé said in the interview, which aired Friday. “I knew I had to make the best of the moment. I wanted it to be something iconic, and something people would never forget.”

Beyoncé’s 2013 performance in New Orleans is often hailed as one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows ever, and included guest appearances from Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame.

“I could not do the Super Bowl without bringing Kelly and Michelle,” Beyoncé said of their appearance. “Some of the biggest songs of my career have been with Destiny’s Child. […] That was a beautiful wonderful thing to have my sisters next to me.”

Beyoncé called the entire event “one of those magical performances you can’t recreate,” and said she wanted to project the image of a “strong woman” to the audience of millions.

“It’s always important for me to be a strong woman,” she said. “There haven’t been that many women who have done the Super Bowl halftime show. I had to hold it down for the ladies.”

The 34-year-old will appear at the Super Bowl on Sunday alongside headliners Coldplay and also Bruno Mars. But the Super Bowl 50 halftime show has a lot to live up to for the singer.

“I just felt overwhelmed and… tears,” she said of finishing the 2013 set. “It was a beautiful night.”

Beyoncé released a surprise new song on Saturday called “Formation” (watch the video here). She’s expected to perform the song on Sunday night.