Before there was Captain America: Civil War, there was Ant-Man and the Hulk: Coca-Cola War.

Yes, the two Marvel heroes come to blows in Coke’s Super Bowl 50 ad, which is actually the first time both heroes have appeared together on screen. (Does that make this advertisement canon? When did Hulk return from wherever he went at the end of Age of Ultron? Can we assume they’ve hung out before? Ant-Man does call the Hulk “Bruce,” after all, and a first-name basis seems pretty familiar. Will Avengers: Infinity War ignore all of the deep lore explored in this advertisement and just have the two meet for the first time there? Who knew Coca-Cola would serve as such a cornerstone of the MCU?)

Ant-Man will appear in Civil War, while the Hulk will sit out that entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before making a prominent appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, but this new ad offers a chance to see the MCU’s biggest and smallest heroes come to blows as Scott Lang steals a can of Coke from Bruce Banner’s lab. (Again, the ad only raises more questions. Has Lang’s life gone so downhill since Ant-Man that he has to resort to stealing soda from his fellow heroes? For shame, Scott. Surely Bruce would have shared his sugary sweet soda with you had you just asked.)

Check out Ant-Man and Hulk’s showdown in the commercial above to find out whether this friendship can ever be reconciled. And for more of Ant-Man, check out the Super Bowl-debuted peek at Civil War.

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