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Stephen Colbert started his post-Super Bowl 50 episode of The Late Show on CBS with a surprise guest: President Barack Obama.

The president appeared in a pre-taped segment that Colbert initially pretended was live. “Of course I did,” Obama said after Colbert asked if he had watched the Super Bowl. “After every Super Bowl, I call the winning team to congratulate them. And sometimes I call the losing team, especially if I bet on them.” After Colbert told him gambling was illegal, Obama joked, “I’m the president. I hereby pardon myself.”

But despite filming the segment last week, Obama still knew who won the Super Bowl.

“Of course I do. It was the Denver Broncos,” Obama said after being questioned by Colbert. The Broncos did indeed win Super Bowl 50 by a score of 24-10 over the Carolina Panthers. How did Obama know the outcome — beyond merely taping two versions of his answer?

“Stephen, I am the president — and it turns out all the Super Bowl winners for the next 50 years are written on the back of the Constitution,” Obama told Colbert. “That’s the plot of National Treasure 3.”

National Treasure fans will note there isn’t a National Treasure 3, but Obama had an answer for that too. “That’s what you think. There will be,” he said of the threequel. “The script is on the back of the Declaration of Independence.”

The segment ended with Obama throwing a football in the White House… much to the chagrin of his wife, Michelle Obama. But not to worry: he blamed Colbert.

Check out GIFs from the segment below.

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