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Good news, Maggie! Your husband Glenn is alive! And he made it all the way back to Alexandria! Now, the bad news. You are stuck on a lookout platform with a herd of zombies between you and said husband. Sooooo, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

That’s where we left those crazy lovebirds on The Walking Dead’s midseason finale, and Lauren Cohan admits in a conversation with EW that the couple has definitely been tested. “We have put the couple through the ringer,” says Cohan, “in terms of separating, then promising they’ll never leave each other’s sight again, and now they’re in the ultimate separation over this sea of walkers.”

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But while Maggie and Glenn are once again in visual range of each other, Cohan warns that any sort of happy reunion is probably not in the cards with everything else going on. “The reunion is going to be somewhat overshadowed by a lot of other darkness,” she says. “I think I can say that much. Because they have found each other and just in time to sort of help everybody else in this huge battle that’s continuing. They’re completely underwater right now. We’ve had both of them at the absolute cliff edge of danger and death.”

And not only are they in visual range, but vocal range as well. “We shot that scene and I screamed ‘Glennnnnnnnnnn!’ so much I lost my voice,” Cohan says of the reunion with a laugh. “And then we didn’t quite get it so I did it all over again in ADR. That’s the biggest screaming I’ve had yet in the show.”

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ADR, which stands for automated dialogue replacement, is when an actor goes into a studio to redub dialogue that was not captured properly. It can be an awkward process — especially while screaming — but Cohan actually enjoys it.

“I break a sweat when I’m in there because you’re literally running and trying to match every physicality that you were in during shooting,” says Cohan. “And, you know, half the time it’s like fighting. I’m wrestling on the ground then jumping up and yelling into a mike or something. It’s awkward, but it’s also the best part of acting because you get to just roll around. I always think it would be funny if you filmed it with no sound to see an actor in a black booth by themselves with headsets on acting like a cat.”

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