The women discuss how their different platforms have allowed them to take control of their voice, message
Credit: EW

Social media has help toppled governments and brought about progressive change in communities around the world — so it’s no wonder it has also enabled A-list actresses to feel more empowered.

For years, tabloids could write whatever they wanted about actresses and the women had no recourse to correct the lies that were printed. Now, thanks to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, among many others channels, actresses are fighting back, correcting mistakes and connecting directly with their fans.

“I feel so much less vulnerable than I used to,” Witherspoon said. “There were so many tabloids saying all kinds of wrong things, and I feel like it’s almost all but gone. It still happens but it’s really silly at this point.”

“I don’t care as much,” Washington added. “I have a relationship with my fans and they know that there’s a certain way I don’t talk about my personal life. If they want to engage with that other BS, that’s fine. But over here, this is what we’re doing. This is my world, this is my voice, and if you want to be at this party, these are the rules of this party.”

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