By Dana Rose Falcone
Updated February 05, 2016 at 04:45 PM EST

Italian actor Raphael Schumacher has been pronounced brain dead after an accidental hanging during a live stage performance.

“The family and the prosecutor’s office have both authorized that his organs be donated, but their removal will be subject to a medical assessment to be performed in the course of the night,” a spokesman for Cisanello Hospital in Italy told the BBC.

The 27-year-old cast member of Mirages was performing a hanging scene during a show at Pisa’s Teatro Lux Saturday. A medical student in the audience saw Schumacher was trembling and with the help of another theatergoer, helped loosen the noose and lowered the actor to the ground, CNN reported. Directors of the theater told Italian newspaper Il Giorno Schumacher changed the scene last minute — it was originally intended to involve a gun rather than a hanging.

Authorities are currently undergoing an investigation to determine the safety procedures utilized by the theater during the experimental performance.