Credit: Kino Lorber

Director Paul Verhoeven’s new movie is a thriller called Tricked, although it is debatable whether the project really counts as the Robocop and Basic Instinct auteur’s new movie. Why? Because Verhoeven shot the first five minutes of Tricked and then invited the citizenry of his native Holland to try their hand at writing the ensuing chapters.

“The producers had contact with a big cable company in Holland and they wanted to do something that would get the attention of users, and they came with this idea to do this to me, to make a film together with the public,” Verhoeven told Entertainment Weekly in 2013. “To get to the script was a difficult road. I tried to avoid using anything that couldn’t come naturally from the first five pages. People had the Russian mob or the Japanese mafia coming in and they would blow up the house, people would be killed, shot, stabbed, whatever — and there was no indication of that in the first five pages. So I tried to use the style of the writer, which was more of a modern comedy of [Ingmar] Bergman, I thought. To me, it was like a lighter Scenes of a Marriage, and I also thought of Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game. And without comparing it to Woody Allen, there’s some things that are reminiscent of his work too.”

There are also some things which are reminiscent of Verhoeven’s own often risqué filmography, at least if the film’s new sex-and-drugs-featuring trailer is any guide. The completed film, which comprises both the narrative movie and a behind-the-scenes documentary about the production process, will be released Feb. 26. You can see that new trailer, above.