The EW cover star is skilled at pivoting.
Credit: CBS

For her next career, Eva Longoria may want to think about becoming a politician.

The actress appeared on Thursday’s Late Late Show With James Corden, to show host James Corden how to “pivot” in an interview, a skill Longoria noted is something politicians do on the regular.

“You picked up a skill from your beauty pageant days, which is that you are brilliant at deflecting and avoiding awkward questions,” Corden said, reading from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which features Longoria on the cover alongside Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, and Elizabeth Banks. The late-night host then tried to trap Longoria with some difficult questions.

“Who did you hate the most on Desperate Housewives?” he asked.

“You know the funny thing about Housewives is that everybody always talked about the drama behind the scenes, but they would never do that about a show about men,” Longoria said.

Stymied, Corden tried again: “If you had to have an affair with either me or Tom [Ellis, fellow Late Late Show guest] who would you choose?”

“You know what’s so funny, life is about variety, so you should always keep your options open,” she said, deflecting again.

Corden went for it one last time: “Eva, when can I except an invitation to your wedding?”

“You know what, was I invited to yours?” Longoria said.

Sorry, James.

Watch below, and check out footage of Longoria during our Beyond Beautiful roundtable above.