By Christian Holub
Updated February 05, 2016 at 07:40 PM EST
Credit: Elena Gorbacheva/Kommersant Photo via Getty Images
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A week out from Deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds’ energetic promo campaign for the movie is kicking into overdrive. The star spent Friday afternoon answering fan questions over Twitter with the hashtag #askryan.

The Q&A ranged over all kinds of topics, from Reynolds’ personal life to possible future Deadpool crossovers to just plain weird requests. Check out the best answers below.

On the possibility of a Deadpool-Spider-Man crossover (the two properties are currently owned by different studios)…

“I could definitely imagine doing something with Spider-Man at some point,” Reynolds said.

On the amount of fan-friendly easter eggs in Deadpool…

“By our last count, we had over 100 Easter eggs in Deadpool,” Reynolds said.

On living up to fans’ expectations for Deadpool…

“You never feel like you just got this. Deadpool is a very specific tone and an ultra specific character, so I was very nervous,” Reynolds said.

On what he kept from the Deadpool set…

“I waited 10 years to do the film so I’m keeping the f—ing suit,” Reynolds said.

On his man crush…

“Brett Favre.”

And most important, whether you can feed him rice.

Hey, why not?


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