By C. Molly Smith
Updated February 05, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
Daniel McFadden
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The new comedy Bastards (due Nov. 4) casts Ed Helms and Owen Wilson as fraternal twins who discover the father they long thought dead is, in fact, very much alive. Only trouble is, it’s unclear which of their mother’s former lovers is actually their dad, so they set off on a road trip to meet a roster of potential pops.

Directed by veteran cinematographer Lawrence Sher (The Hangover), the film also stars Glenn Close as the brothers’ mom and J.K. Simmons and Terry Bradshaw (as Terry Bradshaw) as possible pères. “There’s nothing better than to be made fun of by Terry Bradshaw,” says Helms, who describes the goofy tone of Justin Malen’s script as “not quite Wedding Crashers.”

Although he and Wilson hadn’t previously worked together, they easily struck up a fraternal bond, sometimes bursting into song between takes. “We got hooked on Jimmy Buffett,” Helms says. ” ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ was our go-to. We would randomly start belting it out.” Here’s hoping that makes the credits.

Father Figures

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