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Where’s Daryl? That was asked by more than a few Walking Dead fans in the first half of season 6, and not just for awesome rhyming purposes. Daryl Dixon was either MIA or just kinda riding around on his motorcycle for large portions of the fall.

Although there was one very Daryl-centric installment with the “Always Accountable” episode, it was a very solitary start to the season for the character, who barely got to interact with any of the other long-term faces of the franchise. But good news, Daryl Dixon fans: Norman Reedus promises there will be much more of double D when the show returns on Feb. 14. We chatted with Reedus to get his thoughts on the semi-sabbatical and Daryl’s big return.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We only really got one really big dose of Daryl in the first of the season there in episode 606. Was that difficult to be on the sidelines a bit while all that other stuff in Alexandria and with Glenn was going on?

NORMAN REEDUS: Well, I know the story we’re trying to tell up to a certain extent, and there are a lot of characters, and I trust [showrunner Scott Gimple’s] writing, and I trust his vision for where we’re going. Yeah, it’s a little hard to sit on the sidelines. Days I didn’t work, I’d go to the set and just watch other people work, but it’s definitely difficult just because I miss everybody and I love doing that job, so that makes it a little hard.

But I do trust Scott’s vision, where he’s going, and I think he’s a great storyteller. So I’m backing him and everything that he’s doing. I like watching the other actors work, but yeah, it’s a little hard. I would call people up and be like, “Hey, how did it go today?” So it’s a little difficult, but it’s definitely a different drive in the second half.

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You barely got to work with any of the OGs in the first half, like Andrew and Steven and Melissa. You didn’t really get to work much with of them at all. Was that weird?

It is kind of weird. It feels like the band split up a little bit. It’s strange. I love working with those guys, but I had a lot of time off the first half, and what I did do was spread out. My storyline sort of took me away from Alexandria while Alexandria was being attacked, so it makes sense. But yeah, I’m definitely excited for people to see the second half. I definitely have more to do.

So we’re going to get more Daryl in the back half?

Yeah, we’ll definitely have a steadier dose. I look at what they’re doing, and I look at the storylines, and they all completely make sense to me.

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