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One of the most entertaining parts of the 2016 presidential campaign so far has been Stephen Colbert’s running commentary-as-Hunger Games spoof, the “Hungry for Power Games.” The latest edition came Wednesday night, as Colbert once again put on his best Caesar Flickerman costume to recap the election changes in the wake of Monday’s Iowa caucuses.

Rand Paul, Martin O’Malley, and Mike Huckabee all officially ended their campaigns after disappointing finishes in Iowa. Colbert had particular fun saying goodbye to Paul. Throughout his campaign, the Kentucky senator had expressed his Libertarian philosophy in strange ways, such as making viral videos of himself destorying the U.S. tax code with a chainsaw. Colbert proceeded to “take a page from Rand Paul’s book of heavy-handed metaphors,” and inserted a picture of the politician into a toaster.

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Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley also dropped out after Iowa. O’Malley failed to ever muster a sizable percentage of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but he did impress some fans with his guitar-playing skills and physical fitness.

“It seems that the high-fructose voters of Iowa could not relate to a man in his 50s with abs like that,” Colbert said.

Mike Huckabee was the third loss after Iowa. Recalling the former Arizona governor’s defense of anti-same sex marriage Kentucky clerk Kim Davis got Colbert a resounding “boo” from the audience, but the host preferred to fixate on a joke Huckabee made during his announcement.

“Brevity is the soul of wit, and yours was a very witty campaign indeed,” Colbert said.

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