Plus: What's next for Jenny and Joe?

By Kelly Connolly
February 04, 2016 at 06:15 PM EST
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Sleepy Hollow’s midseason finale went out with a bang when Abbie (Nicole Beharie) jumped through a portal to the maybe-underworld to contain an explosion. When the show returns on Friday, the people she sacrificed herself to save — Crane (Tom Mison), Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), and Joe (Zach Appelman) — will be feeling the aftershocks.

“They’ve been searching,” Greenwood tells EW. “We get to see these three characters really dealing with Abbie’s disappearance in different ways. Basically all of their time has been taken up trying to deal with that confusion and loss.”

It’s a loss that Jenny doesn’t take easily. “Abbie is kind of Jenny’s world,” Greenwood says. “That’s all she really has left as far as family — well, family that she knows very well. So she is very concerned with getting her sister back.” There will, of course, be the other concerns: “There are some really awesome new monsters coming up in the second half of the season. Some really scary ones and some old faithfuls as well.” But for Greenwood, the sisters’ relationship is one of the highlights of the show.

“I like the fact that we are seeing this type of relationship represented in mainstream media,” Greenwood says. “We’ve got two sisters of color that are both strong women who are there for each other, who have been through a lot, and who have nothing but support and love for each other. I think it’s a very very beautiful relationship to show young women — and everyone.

“I would love to see just a whole other show based around their relationship.”

In the meantime, there might be a new relationship on Jenny’s horizon; the walk-up to the midseason finale saw Joe confessing his feelings for the younger Mills sister, which led to a kiss. Greenwood looks forward to exploring those feelings in the back half of the season, though she suspects that it might not be smooth sailing.

“We’re dealing with two characters who aren’t the most socially able people,” she says. “Jenny has a lot of hangups — a lot of stuff in her past that makes her kind of closed to relationships and trusting other people — so we’re going to have to see how these two people deal with that: deal with falling for someone. How do they let someone else in? There are a lot of really great scenes coming up with Jenny and Joe trying to figure each other out and figure out how to navigate their way through this new territory. I think it’s really cool. It’s a really great arc for Jenny, because it’s a side of her that we’ve never seen before.”

Greenwood also praises the “organic” way the relationship came about, noting that when fans were introduced to Joe, “his storyline [was] already intertwined with the Mills sisters’ storyline.”

“I was really pleased with how the writers got that together,” she says. “They didn’t hammer it home in the first episode or anything like that. They really let it develop naturally. The first half of the season was them just coming to the point of admitting that they are into each other, and in the second half, we see where they go from there.”

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Part of the organic nature of the story was due to the fact that Greenwood and Appelman didn’t know at the start of the season that romantic intrigue might be in the cards for their characters. “It keeps you on your toes,” Greenwood says. “I think it’s good, because it let us sort of develop as friends first, without Zach or I having any idea that it might be romantic. Luckily, we have chemistry as friends. We’ve become very close friends, so I think that reads onscreen for the transition to the romantic relationship.”

Despite the new development, Greenwood says that Jenny’s first priority is still her sister: “Jenny is kind of like a crab in a way. She’ll come out open up a little bit, but if something startles her emotionally, she’s going to go right back in her shell. So I think it’s Abbie first. We’ll see what happens there.”

The back half of Sleepy Hollow’s third season will also see the arrival of Abbie and Jenny’s father, Ezra Mills (played by NYPD Blue alum James McDaniel), who left the sisters when they were young. Greenwood is excited by the scenes she’s shot so far. “They’re very natural. They’re very human scenes,” she says, “which is fun to look at in this crazy world of Sleepy Hollow. So I think the fans will really dig it. I won’t tell you where it’s going necessarily, but we’ll definitely see more of the father.”

But there’s one relationship that Greenwood likes just as it is: the dynamic between Abbie and Crane, whose chemistry has ignited debates on whether the two should be more than just friends. “I love the discussion,” says Greenwood, “so I would never try to sway anyone in their opinion … I understand where the Ichabbie shippers are coming from. I mean, they have such amazing chemistry, and of course you want it to go that way. But I love the tension there. I feel like if they get together, well, that’s the end of it. Then they’re together, and where does it go from there? And I love that these two characters have a platonic relationship that goes so well, and they have so much to do and so much love for each other without having a romantic relationship. I think that’s really unique.

“I just think that them as friends really warms my heart. I wouldn’t be, like, devastated if they did get together, but I like the idea of them just being friends.”

Sleepy Hollow returns Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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