Sam and Dean meet one of their biggest obstacles yet — polite dinner conversation
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Devil's Bargain

When Jody Mills returns to Supernatural in “Don’t You Forget About Me,” Sam and Dean find her in the midst of a conflict unlike the two have ever faced before — raising two daughters.

The new episode features guest star Kim Rhodes returning as Mills, who has now become an adoptive mother to both Alex (Katherine Ramdine), and now Claire (Kathryn Newton), who believes monsters are behind some recent murders in town. Speaking with EW, Rhodes teased that, while Supernatural is a world of life-or-death, end-of-the-world scenarios, this peek at Jody’s life is one of the show’s most human turns.

“I think there’s just some inherent conflict in the fact that she’s got two girls who aren’t hers that have very different perspectives and relationships that she is now in charge of and loves,” Rhodes tells EW.

And Sam and Dean’s appearance on the scene, called in by Claire to investigate these murders, actually invites them into a far more domestic drama than the Winchesters may be used to.

“I think they’re a welcome distraction from the daily conflict that comes from being a family, which is, I’m jumping up and down as I say this, such an awesome conflict to see on Supernatural,” Rhodes says, noting that Jody is balancing her trial-by-fire relationship with Alex and her newfound responsibility in caring for Claire as well.

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Rhodes teases that “Don’t You Forget About Me” alters that family’s relationships “dramatically,” and it may be in part thanks to a sequence where the biggest obstacle to overcome isn’t the threat of the Darkness — it’s of polite dinner conversation.

“My favorite thing I have ever shot in my life was the dinner scene with this warped, weird, f—ed up, loving family,” Rhodes reveals. “This is what family looks like, and so when Sam and Dean step in, it’s the final piece of this puzzle that makes it all start to spin.”

And though the makeshift Mills family may evolve over the course of the episode, Jody herself has faced her own personal growth through both the otherworldly horrors and the down-to-earth challenges she’s faced.

“I think if you asked her, ‘Would you die for your children,’ when we first saw her, she would say, ‘Yes of course I would.’ ” Rhodes says. “But she wouldn’t know what that question meant because she’d never been asked to die for her child. Now … she’d say, ‘I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to see,’ and finds out she would. Not that she dies, necessarily, but it’s clear she’s willing to.”

Tune in for all of the Mills and Winchester family drama when Supernatural airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. See a sneak peek above.

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