4. Hyundai "First Date"

As every family sitcom since the advent of television has taught us, fathers will go to great lengths to ensure their teenage daughters are safe when they start dating. Kevin Hart is no exception.

In Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial, Hart follows his unsuspecting daughter from place to place while she’s on a first date to make sure the guy she’s with doesn’t get any fresh ideas. Hart manages some stealth skills early on by sitting behind the daters in a movie theater and hiding among plush prizes at a carnival, but winds up throwing subtlety to the wind in the end by screaming, “You’re messing with the wrong daddy!” while hanging from a helicopter.

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The commercial advertises Hyundai’s Car Finder feature, which is what allows Hart’s character to track down where his daughter and her date are throughout the night. Super Bowl 50 airs Sunday on CBS.