Only two of many that are still pending.
Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

The legal saga between Kesha and Dr. Luke — the producer who Kesha has accused of sexual and drug-related abuse — continues, but a New York judge ruled Wednesday to dismiss concurrent lawsuits Dr. Luke brought against Kesha’s mother and manager.

New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich first addressed a lawsuit Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) brought in October 2014 arguing Pebe Sebert and Jack Rovner, Kesha’s mother and manager, respectively, encouraged Kesha to try to escape her recording contract and helped her organize public defamation efforts surrounding the crimes she alleged against Gottwald. Kornreich granted a motion to dismiss Wednesday, according to documents obtained by EW, on the grounds that the court lacks jurisdiction — but that provides scant relief for the defendants, considering that Gottwald filed a similar lawsuit in Tennessee to prepare for the possibility that a judge would throw out the New York suit.

Kornreich also dealt with the tortious interference claim against Rovner that Gottwald had brought. According to Gottwald, he and Rovner had a “long history of animus” because Gottwald’s “suggestions regarding creative and business matters” angered Rovner. Kornreich agreed with Rovner’s claims that he was performing his managerial duty to try to increase Kesha’s earnings.

The next court decision pertaining to Kesha will likely deal with her request for a preliminary injunction in order to record music outside Dr. Luke’s control. The artist has said she’s “dying to put out new music” and recently released a cover of “Amazing Grace” and performed with her band Yeast Infection.