By Lindsay Kimble
February 03, 2016 at 11:04 PM EST
Kevin Estrada/Fox
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While all eyes were on Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer, and Julianne Hough’s room-shaking performance during Grease: Live on Sunday night, there was an equally mesmerizing show happening behind the scenes. 

Carrie Havel, the associate director for Fox’s live telecast, shared a look inside the Grease: Live production room to Facebook after “a lot of people” asked what her job entailed. 

“Every shot in the show was designed and scripted by our director Alex Rudzinski,” Havel explained. “My job was to execute that plan. You hear me calling shot numbers and camera moves carefully coordinated with the music. My head stays in the script and Alex, to my right, keeps an eye on cameras to adjust framing and pacing.” 

In the clip, Havel can be heard delivering perfectly timed camera cues to the beat of the current number, “Greased Lightning.”

Grease: Live, which drew an impressive 12.2 million viewers, was a massive production, with over 600 cast and crew members, 300 costumes and 21 sets.

Cast members traveled across 20 acres on the back lot at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, by golf cart, and changed looks between scenes in as little as 11 seconds.

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