By Ariana Bacle
Updated February 03, 2016 at 07:01 PM EST
Everett Collection

Bob Elliott, best known for his work with comedy partner Ray Goulding, has died, his son Chris Elliott — also a comedian — The New York Times reports. He was 92.

Bob and Goulding first showcased their comedy on radio shows beginning in the ’40s and went on to host a television show titled The Bob and Ray Show for two years in the early ’50s, but remained loyal to their original medium of choice.

“Ray and I both grew up with radio,” Bob once said, according to the Times. “Our whole hopes for the future were that we’d get into radio.” The duo also dabbled in theater, debuting The Two and Only on Broadway in 1970.

Bob and Goulding worked together up until Goulding’s death in 1990. Bob started his run on Get a Life, a Fox sitcom starring his son Chris that aired until 1992, that year. He most recently voiced a character in a 2008 episode of King of the Hill.