Credit: IFC Films

Remember Cabin Fever, that 2002 horror film with Rider Strong about a group of college grads stuck in a cabin with a flesh-eating virus? It’s getting remade this year, and there’s a trailer to prove it.

Eli Roth directed and co-wrote the original, and returned as an executive producer under helmer Travis Zariwny (Scavengers). This time around it’s a group of five teenagers who rent a cabin in the woods on spring break and attract the attention of homicidal locals after the aggressive virus takes hold of them. We’ll have to wait and see if the remake is just as bloody, but there seem to be more infected canines this time around.

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The cast includes Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Nadine Crocker, Dustin Ingram, Samuel Davis, Randy Schulman, and Louise Linton.

Roth called the remake “a really fun movie” during an interview with IGN last March. “I saw the cut and thought that what Travis did was so smart – he kept the original script, but he changed the deaths, so all the kills are different. You don’t know how they’re going to come.”

Cabin Fever opens in theaters and VOD on Feb. 12.

Cabin Fever
  • Movie
  • 94 minutes