Natalie McGarry accused the 'Harry Potter' author of supporting trolls and misogyny on Twitter.
Credit: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

UPDATE: Glasgow East Parliament member Natalie McGarry deleted her tweets after engaging in a Twitter argument with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The two traded comments on Thursday after McGarry accused Rowling of supporting misogyny and trolls online. The spat escalated and Rowling suggested she would file a lawsuit.

Though McGarry’s tweets no longer show up in her timeline, the original text can be seen below.

EARLIER: Twitter feuds all around. The day after Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose took over Twitter with a highly publicized exchange of insults, J.K. Rowling found herself in a war of words with Glasgow East Parliament member Natalie McGarry.

The feud is pretty densely packed — drawing on themes of misogyny, trolling, and even Scottish independence — but it involves three parties: Rowling, who is well known for opposing Scottish independence; McGarry, a member of Glasgow East Parliament and former activist for the Scottish National Party; and @BrianSpanner1, an anti-Nationalist Twitter account that has been battling McGarry since at least early 2014.

Rowling noticed a tweet that McGarry posted on Thursday, calling out the author for defending “abusive misogynist trolls,” and asked for an explanation.

McGarry responded by simply stating the name “Brian Spanner,” whom McGarry has battled over Scottish independence (their disagreements have escalated into more personal attacks).

The tweet that McGarry referenced is one in which Rowling called @BrianSpanner1 “a good man” in October 2015.

Rowling and McGarry went back and forth for a few tweets as the Harry Potter author demanded evidence that she had ever supported misogyny or abuse, while McGarry claimed Rowling’s positive tweet to @BrianSpanner1 was evidence enough.

Finally, McGarry cited the actual tweet from October 2015. Rowling responded by saying she was praising the account for donating to her charity, Lumos.

However, McGarry then accused Rowling of bullying.

The feud continued in similar fashion…

Finally, the war of words came to an end when McGarry said she had to get on a plane to which Rowling responded, “We’ll have to take this offline.” But instead, the two made up after McGarry apologized … at least for a little while.

McGorry then tweeted a screenshot of the comments in question.

Rowling responded in exasperation:

But apparently McGarry’s flight wasn’t a very long one. An hour and a half later, she was back online posting that she was “finished” with Twitter. But Rowling continued conversing.

McGarry still clung to her view of the situation, and Rowling expressed her dismay.

Rowling then accused McGarry of defamation and said any money she gets from a lawsuit will go towards Lumos.

After this, McGarry deleted all of her tweets. On Friday, the Twitter account that provided McGarry with the PhotoShopped string of tweets between @BrianSpanner1 and Rowling apologized to Rowling.