A24 will distribute 'Swiss Army Man'

By Oliver Gettell
January 29, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
Joyce Kim/Courtesy Everett Collection

Swiss Army Man, the polarizing Sundance film starring Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe as a flatulent corpse, has found a home.

A24 has acquired U.S. distribution rights to the film. Directed by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan — two music video veterans who go by the moniker Daniels — Swiss Army Man became the talk of Park City with its surrealistic story of a man stranded on a desert island (Paul Dano) who imagines that a corpse (Radcliffe) is alive after it washes ashore. In one scene, Dano’s character rides the body like a fart-propelled Jet Ski.

Reactions to the film were decidedly mixed at the festival, with some audience members walking out on the premiere and others giving standing ovations at later screenings.

EW’s Chris Nashawaty wrote, “The film looks great and it has an undeniably impressive level of imagination and ambition (not to mention some fantasy sequences that tap into the same inventive hand-crafted diorama groove of Michel Gondry). But while everyone in front of and behind is super-committed to their Weekend at Bernie’s riff, it’s depressingly juvenile.”