Censorship scandal or canny marketing ploy? You be the judge
Credit: Wilson Webb/Courtesy Everett Collection

A new trailer for Todd Haynes’ lesbian romance Carol was deemed “too hot for TV,” according to The Weinstein Company, which said the clip was rejected by ABC for “a questionable nudity scene.”

Set to sweeping music and breathy voice-over, the teaser intercuts guarded public moments and one very intimate encounter between Cate Blanchett’s title character, a sophisticated New Jersey housewife, and Rooney Mara’s Therese, the fresh-faced shopgirl Carol seduces. Both stars are nominated for their performances at this year’s Academy Awards.

EW has confirmed that Carol trailer, which may feature a flash of nudity, was considered too racy for broadcast in its current incarnation.

This isn’t the first time TWC co-chief Harvey Weinstein has used a standards controversy to promote one of his films: In 2012, TWC waged a public campaign against the Motion Picture Association of America after it gave the documentary Bully an R rating (the film was later given a PG-13 rating). In 2014, the company made sure to promote that an Eva Green character poster for Sin City 2 was banned by the MPAA because of its depiction of the actress. As the old saw says, there’s no such thing as bad press.

Watch the rejected TV spot for Carol above.

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