Plus: Find out how he helps her return to her roots in an exclusive clip
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The 100’s first episode back, “Wanheda: Part One,” centered on the hunt for Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) — a hunt which came to an end in the show’s final moments.

Roan, a bounty hunter played by Black Sails‘ Zach McGowan, made his introduction to the world of The 100 when he snatched up Clarke and held a knife to her throat. What does he want with her? Who is he working for?

“He’s on a mission to find his bounty,” McGowan tells EW. And that bounty just so happens to be the Commander of Death.

Grounder lore says that when a warrior is killed, the murderer acquires his — or in this case, her — power. With the Mountain Men’s deaths on her hands, Clarke has a lot of power coursing through her. And the Grounders want it.

As a bounty hunter, Roan is likely working to get that power for someone else. “He’s a complicated person and obviously power is something that will tempt anyone,” McGowan says. But that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily going to do it. “If he wanted to simply kill her, he could have done so right away, when he has a knife to her throat.”

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About that knife to Clarke’s throat … should fans be worried? “If we’ve learned anything about Clarke,” McGowan says, “it’s that she’s a very industrious person.” Plus, he adds that Clarke having to navigate this captive situation will be a “test” of all the things she’s learned in the three months she’s been on the lam.

For a sneak peek of how Clarke fares with this test, be sure to watch the exclusive clip above of “Wanheda: Part Two,” in which Roan meets a match and Clarke meets her original hair color.

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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