By Jessica Goodman
January 28, 2016 at 01:51 PM EST

Sia visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday and performed “Cheap Thrills,” off her forthcoming album This Is Acting, after covering “Iko Iko” with Jimmy Fallon and guest Natlie Portman.

In keeping with Sia’s tendency to use avatars while singing, she wore the black and white wig that’s become a signature of this album, and dancers wearing similar wigs performed around her.

“[‘Cheap Thrills’] is like her take on an Ace of Base song,” Greg Kurstin, who worked on the album with Sia, told EW earlier this year. “On this album, I think anything is game, which is very liberating, just knowing that anything could work. There’s a lot of songs on here that we maybe would not have put on the last album.”

This Is Acting is out Friday. In EW’s B+ review of the collection, Leah Greenblatt writes, “Sia’s unabased aim is uplift, and her feel for sing-along-until-your-neighbor-bangs-on-the-radiator hooks rarely falters.”