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Would you care for another helping of Hamm in a hospital?

Yes, you would: Jon Hamm, late of Mad Men, will be making his sixth visit to Childrens Hospital later this week. He has played Derrick Childrens, the illegitimate son of Childrens Hospital founder Arthur Childrens. He has also played as Arthur. Also also, Derrick is the alter ego of Dr. Valerie Flame (Malin Akerman). Or she is him in drag. It doesn’t matter. Let’s continue.

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In the episode (Friday, 11 p.m., Adult Swim), Hamm does double duty, playing Derrick and Arthur. When a rare disease surfaces at the hospital, Derrick and our doctors venture into the remains of the original Childrens Hospital to find a cure that was hidden by Arthur some 100 years ago. Above, see an exclusive clip from “One Million Saved” to watch Derrick describe himself as a “smoldering hunk of Midwestern beefcake,” avoid the advances of Lola (Erinn Hayes) and give Nurse Dori (Zandi Hartig) the stern encouragement she needs about her jigsaw puzzles. Oh yeah, and there might be some important info about that mystery illness.

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