By Oliver Gettell
Updated January 28, 2016 at 04:18 PM EST
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Fans of the Broadway musical Grease and the subsequent movie starring John Travolta may think they know what to expect from Fox’s upcoming live-TV adaptation. But according to Carlos PenaVega, who plays Kenickie in Grease: Live, they haven’t seen the show quite like this before.

In a recent EW video, PenaVega teased five things to look forward to in the new show, which also stars Julianne Hough as Sandy, Aaron Tveit as Danny, and Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo.

“The costumes, one, are incredible,” PenaVega promises. “We have some crazy costume changes that happen right before your eyes that are pretty unbelievable. We are literally going from soundstage to soundstage in golfcarts in between scenes.”

Tell me more, tell me more, you say? Watch the video about for the rest of PenaVega’s preview.

Grease: Live airs Jan. 31 on Fox.

Grease: Live

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