Credit: Alicia Gbur

The new trailer for Melissa Rauch’s new gymnastics comedy The Bronze is filled with hilarious rage. Nobody is safe from Rauch’s character, hometown-hero bronze-medalist gymnast Hope Ann Greggory, who berates her young protege for suggesting Tchaikovsky for her dance routine, her father for telling her to stop stealing from him, and a befuddled Sbarro employee for expecting her to pay for her Mountain Dew.

Haley Lu Richardson plays the perky Maggie, and Thomas Middleditch continues his streak of nervous nice guys by playing a gym owner who might have eyes for Hope Ann. Sebastian Stan is Greggory’s coaching competition — and former flame — a gold medalist resentful that the world reveres Greggory more for her lesser achievements.

The film created buzz at Sundance last year and was picked up by Relativity Media, which then fell into bankruptcy. However, Sony Pictures Classics stepped in to save the movie. The Bronze finally lands in theaters March 18.