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They may not travel in time, but the DeLorean car made famous by the Back to the Future films is heading back into production for the first time in over 30 years.

The DeLorean Motor Company — which was established in 1995 and isn’t connected to the original car company founded by John DeLorean in the 1970s — told Houston news outlet KPRC2 that it will begin manufacturing a new run of the DMC-12 thanks to the federal approval of a manufacturing bill. The plan is to produce about 300 replica models of the 1982 DeLorean (if you’ve seen the sleek, silver sports car out on the road, it’s been a well-cared for or refurbished model from the early 1980s).

According to DMC CEO Stephen Wynne, the facility in Humble, Tex., will look to ramp up production from initially one DeLorean a month to one a week. The DeLorean revival comes not long after Back to the Future Day brought some of the franchise’s fictional products to life, including Pepsi Perfect and the upcoming self-lacing Nike sneakers.

“It’s fantastic. It is a game-changer for us. We’ve been wanting this to happen,” Wynne said to KPRC2.

The original DMC went bankrupt in 1982, even before Back to the Future became a blockbuster in theaters. Approximately 9,000 stainless-steel vehicles were produced. The new DeLorean Motor Company recently settled a lawsuit with John DeLorean’s estate and has been working on caring for and refurbishing existing models of the car owned by the company or sent to them by owners for treatment. But with plans to have the first new DeLorean completed by early 2017, a few more Back to the Future fans will soon be able to purchase the iconic movie vehicle. Price tag: less than $100,000 — plutonium and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity not included, of course.

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