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In December, Simon & Schuster announced a brand-new project: A book celebrating Taylor Swift in the 10 years since her first album was released, written by and for Swifties. Now, the publisher has chosen two major contest winners — for the book’s title and the fan named honorary author — and EW is thrilled to exclusively announce the news.

Tenay Barker, winner of title contest
| Credit: Courtesy Simon & Schuster

Tenay Barker

Texas native Tenay Barker won the $2,500 title contest with her submission, Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song. “I have always been a fan of Taylor Swift,” Barker says. “My title tries to express the way that Taylor and her fans have grown as one over the course of her incredible journey. She has been so dedicated to us, and we have been so dedicated to her, I am so ecstatic that we can do something for her tenth anniversary by creating the book.”

Tyler Conroy, honorary author
| Credit: Courtesy Simon & Schuster

Tyler Conroy

Tyler Conroy of Conway, Massachusetts, won the $10,000 title of honorary author, submitting a video in which he parodies Swift’s hit “Blank Space,” changing the lyrics to describe his undying love for Swift. Watch his submission below:

Conroy has a long history as a Swiftie: He directed and starred in the first ever Taylor Swift musical, has seen Swift perform 19 times, has met her three times, and even has a tattoo of the word “fearless” in Swift’s own handwriting. “I am so excited to be selected as the honorary author,” Conroy says in a release. “I love Swifties, they’re the most supportive and caring people in the world, and I’m honored to be able to represent them and everything it means to be a Swiftie. I can’t wait to meet so many new people and begin this journey to show just how impactful Taylor Swift’s career has been, not just in the music industry but in the lives of her fans. She made being different cool, and for someone who’s always seen myself as different, she’s given me a reason to stay fearless.”

The next contest to determine who will design the cover for Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song’s begins Feb. 1 and will run through March 1. The winning designer will receive $5,000. For more information, head here.