Credit: Caitlin Mitchell

Sloane Crosley’s first novel, The Clasp, follows a group of former college friends on a madcap romp across Paris, as they search for a necklace believed to be the inspiration for Guy Maupassant’s famous tale, “The Necklace.” For the novel’s paperback publication in June, it’s gotten a bit of a makeover: Gone is the serifed text dripping with chains, and in its place, a colorful embroidered tapestry with falling yellow letters — which actually resembles the cover for Crosley’s first essay collection, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, quite beautifully. EW is thrilled to reveal this new cover, exclusively, below:


Under the art direction of Picador Creative Director Henry Sene Yee, this new cover was designed by Kelly Blair with art created by Richard Saja. Yee says that when the designers presented Crosley with some cover ideas, she “liked our falling type solution, but not our images, and mentioned that her Dutch publisher was using toile on their cover. Maybe we should try that.” Yee was unconvinced, but Blair was sold, and serendipitously had a friend Saja, who works in toile. While this final cover isn’t quite toile, Saja says it’s actually “an embroidered Aubusson Tapestry, but close enough to toile and a natural progression for my work.”

Pick up your paperback copy of The Clasp on June 7.