With Keanu Reeves as narrator

By Oliver Gettell
January 27, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
IQIM Caltech

In a world where a famous astrophysicist is publicly feuding with a platinum-selling rapper over whether or not the earth is flat, it almost makes sense that Paul Rudd would challenge Stephen Hawking to a high-stakes game of quantum chess.

The latter encounter is the subject of “Anyone Can Quantum,” a humorous short film produced for a Caltech conference about the past, present, and future of quantum science.

Directed by Alex Winter and narrated by his old Bill & Ted costar Keanu Reeves, the 12-minute tale finds Rudd throwing down the gauntlet against Hawking to speak at the conference. While most actors wouldn’t stand a chance at besting the acclaimed cosmologist at quantum chess — which is like regular chess, only more complicated — most actors haven’t been to the quantum realm like Ant-Man star Rudd has.

Watch the short film above to see who wins, and to marvel at Hawking’s trash talk. Sample burn: “I shall crush you like an ant, man.”